Monday, July 20, 2009

Texas Courts Online

I wanted to make sure you know about the information available on Texas Courts Online - From there you can use the court structure diagram to go to the Supreme Court, CCA, and the other levels of the court structure.
On the top of TCO is a red bar with buttons, including Judicial Directory. It takes a couple of selections to get to the following document, you may want to bookmark this page, trial court personnel by county:
Also on the top of TCO is a button for Judicial Information, which should be a useful resource page: The second link on Judicial Information leads to the system that runs reports on the data for you:
Also on the top of TCO is Judicial Entities, a page I use a lot because we support many of these entities:
Also on the top of TCO is a Judicial Events button to see events that might be of interest:
Also on the top of TCO is a News button, and if you click it today you'll see that we just released our legislative report. The direct link to that report is:
On the very top right hand corner of TCO is an A-Z index that leads to our Encyclopedia where you can browse by topic: I would welcome any suggestions for additional topics that we could develop.
Just below the Encyclopedia is a link to OCA's home page . I use that page and the Programs and Projects page a fair amount a national perspective on court issues, the National Center for State Courts home page is: and if you click Information on the left side of that page, then pick CourTopics Database, you get to this useful page of topics: And on that page is a link to the State Links Index for comparative information on the various topics:
I welcome any suggestions on web content or presentation.

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