Friday, July 24, 2009

OCA in a Nutshell

Office of Court Administration
Providing resources and information for the efficient administration
of the Judicial Branch of Texas

Resources for the judicial branch:
· For trial courts, technical assistance, training, and research on court administration, and funding and standards for indigent defense;
· For appellate and specialty courts, information technology solutions and fiscal consultation;
· For judicial branch regulatory boards and policymaking bodies, staffing and support; and
· For specialty courts and the regional presiding judges, staffing and administration.
Information about the judicial branch for the legislature, the judiciary, and the public:
· The judicial information website, Texas Courts Online;
· Statistics and analysis of court information and case activity;
· Descriptions of court system structure and jurisdiction; and
· Reports and studies about the courts and judiciary.

· Indigent Defense Funding & Standards
· Collection Improvement Program
· Court Services Program
· Specialty Court Program
· Court Reporter Certification
· Guardian Certification
· Process Server Certification
· Judicial Information Program
· Publications and Forms
· Weighted Caseload/Judicial Needs Assessment
· Judicial Data Committee
· Texas Data-Enabled Courts for Kids (TexDECK)
· Texas Appeals Management & E-Filing System (TAMES)
· Automated Registry
· Texas Path to NIEM
· Repaying Debts
· Mental Health Leadership Initiative

Enabling Law: Government Code Ch. 71, Judicial Council; Ch. 72, OCA; Ch. 74, Court Administration; General Appropriations Act, Article IV p. 23 (81st)

Total Budget: $94 million, 2010-2011 Biennium
Total FTES: 195.0/195.0 for 2010/2011

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