Thursday, July 30, 2009

National Conference

Next week I am privileged to attend, with Chief Justice Jefferson, the annual joint meeting of the Conference of Chief Justices and the Conference of State Court Administrators. Our theme this year is the courts’ work with vulnerable populations, with topics such as justice for non-English speaking people, those with mental disabilities, and the elderly, and featuring a presentation from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on “How the Courts Failed Germany.” Chief Justice Jefferson is the president-elect of the Conference of Chief Justices and will serve as president starting in August of 2010. I have been nominated to the Board of the Conference of State Court Administrators starting after this meeting, assuming I am elected. Both of us have been very involved with these associations and the National Center for State Courts, and find great value in these conferences.


  1. Carl - Good luck on your election. It sounds like a great conference. I hope that you'll blog a bit about the sessions. - Kate

  2. Thanks Kate, I intend to write about Court Interpreters, and Elder Law issues, in the days to come. Fortunately I am having plenty of ideas for things to write about, just not enough time to do the writing. -Carl