Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Automated Registry

Are you a judge hearing criminal cases, or do you work for such a judge?  If so you need to check out the Automated Registry (AR), a secure browser-based system provided by OCA, that allows authorized individuals to submit a query for a person appearing before the court. The query is submitted to multiple state agency databases and all results are returned to the AR system in real-time. The user is able to view the results in a consolidated format, and is accessing great data:  information related to state and national criminal history, state and national warrants, concealed handgun licenses, citizenship status, state and national driver’s history, vehicle registration, sex offender alerts, probation violators, protection order status, and threat to law enforcement alerts; information on probation, parole, and incarceration for an individual (Texas only); and information about an individual who has had mental health care services provided by the State of Texas mental health system.

There is no cost to gain access to the AR system. However, each user must have a computer that is connected to the internet, and a security token (which we provide). Users will need to complete an AR User Agreement and submit the signed agreement to OCA for approval. Once the user’s request has been approved, OCA will provide the user with a security token, AR user-id and AR password. Non-judge users requesting access to DPS and TDCJ data will need a criminal background check performed. All users accessing the DPS data will be required to take a TCIC (Texas Crime Information Center) Certification class, if not already TCIC certified.

Interested?  Check out the website and call Thomas Sullivan at (512) 463-8109 or Jeannette McGowan at (512) 936-1806.

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