Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Terms of Court and Grand Juries - Correction

The bad news is, whoops. The good news is, I have been advised that a pre-existing statute in our large garden of laws of court should cover the concern raised in my previous post:
Govt Code Sec. 24.018. CERTAIN EFFECT OF DISTRICT REORGANIZATION. If the counties that compose a judicial district or the time or place for holding terms of a district court are changed by law:
(1) the process and writs issued from the district court and made returnable to a term of court fixed by the law at the time of the issuance are returnable to the next term of the court as fixed by the amended law and are as legal and valid as if they were made returnable to the term of the court as fixed by the amended law;
(2) the grand and petit jurors selected or drawn under the prior law in any county in the judicial district are lawfully selected or drawn for the next term of the district court of the county as fixed by the amended law; and
(3) the obligees in all appearance bonds and recognizances taken in and for the district court and the witnesses summoned to appear before the district court under the prior law are required to appear at the next term of the court as fixed by the amended law.

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