Thursday, April 21, 2011

eFiling Request for Information

OCA, on behalf of the Judicial Committee on Information Technology, has just released a request for information for a statewide eFiling system.  Here is an excerpt and below are links for the interested:

JCIT is, therefore, considering developing a partnership with a company with proven electronic filing experience to construct, deploy, and operate a public facing Internet electronic filing portal that integrates with court automation systems and comports with JCIT’s directives. JCIT is considering seeking a partner that can:
• Provide a robust Electronic Filing Manager that can support multiple, unique jurisdictions and integrate into the courts case management systems (that use the NIEM or OASIS Legal XML standard).
• Comply with national electronic filing standards (ECF) and any extensions required to support the initiative.
• Deploy and support an easy to use Internet-based portal that supports both free-form pleadings and form based filings. This includes ad hoc reporting for the filer to review previous submissions.
• Market the system to courts to increase participation.
• Provide support to users of the system in the form of documentation and help-desk (call center) support.
• Collect and distribute all fees using a PCI compliant method.
• Provide assistance to courts when needed to ensure that eFiling can be reconciled with financial and case management systems.
• Provide other value-added services to users (e.g. Intelligent/Assistive Forms, Public Access to Court Documents, Application Development for Specialized Filer Needs)

Link to the RFI:
Link to the page where we’ll post answers to any questions:

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