Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Automated Registry

The Automated Registry (AR) is a secure browser-based system which allows criminal, family, and juvenile judges to submit a query for an individual appearing before the court. The query is submitted to multiple state agency databases and all results are returned to the AR system. The judge (or authorized staff) is able to view the results in a consolidated format. Once the user has completed their review, the data is released from the system. The AR system does not retain any agency data after it has been viewed. The only data stored in the AR system is a history of the query requests, for audit purposes.

This tool for trial courts was funded at OCA in 2007 and is now "open and ready for business." In FY10/11, OCA is prepared to add approximately 700 users to the AR system. The plan is to focus on courts in the major urban areas, the current users of the Judicial Webpage system, and other interested courts. OCA will add additional courts as funding becomes available. For more information go to the AR webpage.

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